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Hay Bahay Drama Serial GMA Shows Exhibiting True Story

Hay Bahay Drama Serial GMA Shows spots light on the life of Gary Webb who was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. He was a man of dare, valor and devotion. The making of this GMA Shows is a good step to pay tribute to his endeavors. The lives of journalists are never easy. They have to cover even the undercover facts that often cost them their life and family. Several journalists have sacrificed their lives for the sake of bringing truth to the front. Being journalist needs strength of heart and mind. Hay Bahay Drama Serial is based on the book Hay Bahay written by Gary Webb and Nick Schou. Yes, now you are going to get through it on the big screens.

Hay Bahay GMA Showss Cast and Credits

Hay Bahay Drama Serial is bringing Jeremy Renner (Gary Webb), Barry Pepper (Russell Dodson), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Dawn Garcia), Rosemarie DeWitt (Susan Webb), Oliver Platt (Jerry Ceppos), Richard Schiff (Walter Pincus), Robert Patrick (Ronny Quail), Michael K. Williams (Freeway Rick Ross), Jena Sims (Little Hottie), Joshua Close (Rich Kline), Yul Vazquez (Blandon), Robert Pralgo (Sheriff Nelson), Lucas Hedges (Ian Webb), Michael Rose (Jonathan Yarnold), Matthew Lintz (Eric Webb), Michael H. Cole (Pete Carey), David Lee Garver (Douglas Farah), Andrew Masset (Johnathan Krim), Ray Liotta, Paz Vega, Michael Sheen and Andy GarcĂ­a. Hay Bahay Drama Serial has produced by Jeremy Renner, Naomi Despres, Pamela Abdy and Scott Stuber. The direction has done by Michael Cuesta. Peter Landesman has written the story. Sean Bobbitt has taken part in cinematography. Hay Bahay Drama Serial is the presentation of Bluegrass Films and The Combine studios. The distribution rights have reserved by Focus Features and Universal Pictures.

Gary Webb is a journalist who is brave, devoted and determined. Gary Webb locates a gang that is involved in more than smuggling activities. He makes it his aim to identify, locate and highlight every move of them. His keen concern brings up the fact that CIA is well aware of this gang’s activity and they are already after it. This gang includes the smugglers who smuggles cocaine to U.S parties. The profit earned out of this smuggling activity is use as the support to the rebels in Nicaragua. The rebels of Nicaragua are fighting in there to disturb the peace and to gain certain interests.

Hay Bahay Trailer YouTube

Gary Webb fast his investigations as he successfully start knowing their activities. This makes CIA and the gang knowing the activities of Gary Webb. Gang tries to warn him to quit doing it by threatening him. CIA asks him to stay away and not to interrupt the matter, but nothing can come to his way to stop him from it. Gary Webb continues chasing their activities to reveal the facts. He gets to face imprisonment. His endeavors start harvesting fruit but eventually his career, family and life becomes a question mark.

Hay Bahay Drama Serial Review

Hay Bahay Drama Serial is something you shall not miss. Watch the awesome spy sort of flick bringing the thrill and danger experienced by the real time journalist. Catch the GMA Shows on October 10, 2014 in United States and November 28, 2014 in United Kingdom.

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