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Best Family Drama Filipino Movies

The vacation calls for some quality time with family. We all need some time to catch up with our family and enjoy with them by going to parties and watching good family drama movies together. So, as the vacations of 2017 are just around the corner; you need to start making the list of all the good Filipino family drama genre movies you are going to watch with your family this year.

Also, if you find it hard to watch the Filipino movies online, you need to go to the Pinoy Channel right now. The Pinoy Channel is an online Filipino movie streaming website from where you can easily watch any Pinoy content. From the Pinoy Channel, you can stream hundreds of Filipino movies of different genre whether they are old or new. The Pinoy Channel has it all.  So now you can easily watch all the missed episodes of your favorite GMA TV Shows Philippine TV show.

Now, you can add these family drama genre Filipino movies in your ‘to- watch’ list and make it a hundred times better. These are the best rated family drama Filipino movies that you can enjoy with your family this year.

Famous Pinoy Film Way Back Home (2011)

Way Back Home is one of the best family drama Filipino movies; that was released on 17th August 2011. This movie was directed by Jerry Lopez and is a Star Cinema Production.

Way Back Home is a story about two sisters Ana and Jessica who has been separated for twelve years. Jessica has to constantly deal with the pressure and pain of losing her sister Joanna (Ana). Jessica always tried to fill in the empty spot in her mother’s heart that only Joanna could fill.

Joanna on the other hand, was living as a daughter of a simple fisher man and has changed to Anna from Joanna. Upon her return, Anna tries to connect with her family and her sister Jessica. Jessica’s feelings grew worse when Anna returns as she felt more abandoned. After all these dramas and tension in the house, they had to be separated again in order to bring peace in the house once again.

  • Kathryn Bernado as Ana
  • Julia Montes as Jessica

Pinoy Drama I’ll be There (2010)

I’ll be there is another one of the best family drama genre movies by Philippine television industry. It was released on 16th June 2010 and was directed by Maryo J. Delos Reyes and is also a Star Cinema production for father’s day.

I’ll be there is a story about a girl named Maxi dela Cerna, who is now a fashion designer in New York. She has to return to Philippine after her mother’s death to find her father to take care of some land property that her parents owned. Maxi hated her father as he left her mother and her 15 years ago. But, going back to Philippine means she has to spend some time with her father too.

Maxi returns to Philippines and was trying really hard to settle in the farm life and her father; where she meets Tommy. Tommy was her best friend in childhood and he was also struggling with his own problems.

Cast of Pinoy Serial:

  1. KC Conception as Maxi
  2. Jericho Rosales as Tommy

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Lambingan Tv Shows Pinoy Music Review, Songs

Lambingan TV Shows Pinoy released on May 16, 2017 and everyone who watched has to enjoy the songs as well. Lambingan TV Shows have six unusual songs. The most appealing thing about Lambingan TV Shows is that is a debut movie of the yout’s favorite Honey Singh. Well besides enjoying Honey Singh’s acting skills and guts, you got some rocking songs as well in his voice. Lambingan TV Shows Pinoy songs have some upbeat dancing songs and others are heart touching mellow songs. Himesh Reshammiya has composed the overall music for his movie Lambingan TV Shows Pinoy. Lambingan TV Shows Pinoy is a well set on screen collaboration between Himesh Reshammiya and Honey Singh.

Lambingan TV Shows Pinoy has disappointed the fans of Honey Singh and Himesh Reshammiya beyond the expectations. As usual, Himesh Reshammiya remained unable to win the hearts of Bollywood viewers. The songs go in the same manner. It could not catch that great appreciation, although Himesh Reshammiya had given lot of good music to ears. The original songs have multiplied by remixing almost each of them. This remixing has given the music album a long list comprising of eighteen songs. You will get reprise, remix, arabic mix, blue’s mix, desi remix versions. The basic song of pinoy tv live list is as followed:

  1. Catch Me If You Can
  2. Dard Dilo Ke
  3. Hai Apna Dil
  4. Ice Cream Khaungi
  5. Sheeshe Ka Samundar
  6. Surroor


You will listen Catch Me If You Can song in the voices of Himesh Reshammiya, Mika Singh, Mohit Chauhan, Neeti Mohan, Shalmali Kholgade and Shubhangi Tiwari. The big round of the voices of several singers makes it a one-dish treat. The song’s music has done by Himesh Reshammiya and lyrics have done by Rakesh Kumar. The feel that this upbeat song gives you is that of a spy instrumental playing in some Hollywood’s spy genre movie. The song goes on and at the end; you are left thinking like ‘Ah, did I really wasted my minutes listening to such a song?’


Dard Dilo Ke is a nice song that states the wish of the heart longing for getting with the beloved forever. The song has written by Sameer Anjaan and music has contributed by Himesh Reshammiya. Mohammad Irfan has sung this song in his calm and deep tone. The one issue with this song is that you feel a little confuse while listening to it.

Lambingan TV Shows Pinoy Music

Lambingan TV Shows Pinoy Music Photo Credits to drama cool media portal. Don't matches with the lyrics. Listening to the lyrics makes you ad and missing someone but the music makes you feel standing on the dance floor. Probably, Himesh Reshammiya was in a hurry while composing music for this song.


Hai Apna Dil is such a jazzy song with the typical Bollywood Hindi songs’s style. Himesh Reshammiya has contributed his mellow tones while Honey Singh has tried to put in his own style. The music has done by Himesh Reshammiya whereas Sameer Anjaan has written its lyrics.

The istle blown in the start, sounds played by some instrument but in video Himesh Reshammiya comes performing the whistle. Hai Apna Dil sounds too dull with old sort of tones. I am all done with songs review of Pinoy TV Shows & movie.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Hay Bahay Drama Serial GMA Shows Exhibiting True Story

Hay Bahay Drama Serial GMA Shows spots light on the life of Gary Webb who was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. He was a man of dare, valor and devotion. The making of this GMA Shows is a good step to pay tribute to his endeavors. The lives of journalists are never easy. They have to cover even the undercover facts that often cost them their life and family. Several journalists have sacrificed their lives for the sake of bringing truth to the front. Being journalist needs strength of heart and mind. Hay Bahay Drama Serial is based on the book Hay Bahay written by Gary Webb and Nick Schou. Yes, now you are going to get through it on the big screens.

Hay Bahay GMA Showss Cast and Credits

Hay Bahay Drama Serial is bringing Jeremy Renner (Gary Webb), Barry Pepper (Russell Dodson), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Dawn Garcia), Rosemarie DeWitt (Susan Webb), Oliver Platt (Jerry Ceppos), Richard Schiff (Walter Pincus), Robert Patrick (Ronny Quail), Michael K. Williams (Freeway Rick Ross), Jena Sims (Little Hottie), Joshua Close (Rich Kline), Yul Vazquez (Blandon), Robert Pralgo (Sheriff Nelson), Lucas Hedges (Ian Webb), Michael Rose (Jonathan Yarnold), Matthew Lintz (Eric Webb), Michael H. Cole (Pete Carey), David Lee Garver (Douglas Farah), Andrew Masset (Johnathan Krim), Ray Liotta, Paz Vega, Michael Sheen and Andy GarcĂ­a. Hay Bahay Drama Serial has produced by Jeremy Renner, Naomi Despres, Pamela Abdy and Scott Stuber. The direction has done by Michael Cuesta. Peter Landesman has written the story. Sean Bobbitt has taken part in cinematography. Hay Bahay Drama Serial is the presentation of Bluegrass Films and The Combine studios. The distribution rights have reserved by Focus Features and Universal Pictures.

Gary Webb is a journalist who is brave, devoted and determined. Gary Webb locates a gang that is involved in more than smuggling activities. He makes it his aim to identify, locate and highlight every move of them. His keen concern brings up the fact that CIA is well aware of this gang’s activity and they are already after it. This gang includes the smugglers who smuggles cocaine to U.S parties. The profit earned out of this smuggling activity is use as the support to the rebels in Nicaragua. The rebels of Nicaragua are fighting in there to disturb the peace and to gain certain interests.

Hay Bahay Trailer YouTube

Gary Webb fast his investigations as he successfully start knowing their activities. This makes CIA and the gang knowing the activities of Gary Webb. Gang tries to warn him to quit doing it by threatening him. CIA asks him to stay away and not to interrupt the matter, but nothing can come to his way to stop him from it. Gary Webb continues chasing their activities to reveal the facts. He gets to face imprisonment. His endeavors start harvesting fruit but eventually his career, family and life becomes a question mark.

Hay Bahay Drama Serial Review

Hay Bahay Drama Serial is something you shall not miss. Watch the awesome spy sort of flick bringing the thrill and danger experienced by the real time journalist. Catch the GMA Shows on October 10, 2014 in United States and November 28, 2014 in United Kingdom.

Tadhana Pinoy Channel Serial GMA Shows Review

Famous Tadhana Pinoy Channel Serial is bringing up some off the road faces. You are going to watch a story performed by muscular Ganesh Venkatraman, hot Kalpana Pandit and the round face Shobana Shankar. This GMA Shows is holding a simple message about the fact of life. The message says that if someone is meant to be yours then fate will make you find that person forever but if you do not meant for each other than fate is not going to make you going any longer.

Tadhana Pinoy Channel Serial is such a story combining the game play between love and fate. The cast and story is not much inspirational or appealing but it is fine to check out the stuff you are not into that. Therefore, do watch Tadhana Pinoy Channel Serial and rate this GMA Shows.

The Tadhana Pinoy Channel Serial is a love story with some turns but concluding with happy end. The GMA Shows opens up with the love between a software engineer and a medical student. The software engineer Shiva loves the medical student Meera. Both are happily in a relationship. Meera’s father Rajaraman is not a good man, he is belongs to underworld but apparently he is serving as a justice provider. The happy life of Shiva and Meera comes at stake when Rajaraman starts showing immense hatred towards Shiva. Rajaraman sets a plan to make her daughter getting rid of Shiva. According to his plan, he calls Shiva and proposes him an offer. Shiva accepts this offer for sake of Meera and leaves for USA. In USA, Shiva starts up with his job and get busy. One day he loses his short-term memory due to suffering from an accident. This makes him forgetting Meera.

Tadhana Official Trailer - YouTube

Tadhana Pinoy Channel Serial is starring Ganesh Venkatraman (Shiva), Kalpana Pandit (Maya), Sreedharan Karthikeyan (Balu), Shobana Shankar (Meera), Cliff Janke, Narayan Sundararajan (Arun), Thirumudi Thulasiraman, Natty Kumar, Alan H. Chang, Thomas Dalby and Naveen Seetharaman. It is the co-production of Natty Kumar, Kalpana Pandit, Nithya Ranganathan and Narayan Sundarajan. Tadhana A Pinoy Channel Serial is the presentation of House of Pandit and Dreams on Frames. The music has done by Faizan Hussain and Agnel Roman. Chris Eldridge and C.J. Rajkumar have done the cinematography part.

In the meanwhile, a girl named Maya comes to his life. Maya is Shiva’s colleague and she shows her interest in Shiva. The relationship between Shiva and Maya ends, when Shiva gets his lost memory back to him because of in taking a potion offered by Shaman. The memories of his first love Meera start striking back to him and he sets off to find Meera. Eventually he comes to know that Meera has set with a Psychiatrist named Dr. Arun. Shiva pretends as if he is having a mental disorder just to stay close to them. This finally helps them to get back Meera with the consent of her father Rajaraman.

If you have, enough leisure time then go watch this GMA Shows. The flick is all about love and romance. Tadhana the Pinoy Channel Serial is going to out on GMA Shows.